Mother of the Matrix and Terminator, Sophia Stewart

The untold story, the hidden truths.

Image Credit: Screenshot from on YouTube.

I recently saw this Tiktok(as it was sent to me):

Video Credit: Shared by Bre Starr (fairy.puss2.0) on TikTok.

But I found the original video which was a response to another concerning The Matrix’s true message:

Video Credit: First video by Marcel Harrison (myceliummatters417) and second video by Tommie Jade

I was going to research and write on all this but I found an article (from the Black Excellence website) that did that:

Please read for details.

What I got from this is to ALWAYS have evidence. Regardless of the possible truths, backed-up facts are more important when proving things. Inaccuracies and insufficient evidence are the reasons many do not believe her to be the MOTHER OF THE MATRIX (& Terminator)in spite of her claims and the possible usage of her work.



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